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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're covering for you. the government is set to reach a settlement with jpmorgan. and president obama is set to meet with lawmakers on the issue of talks with iran. and michael bloomberg making it so no one under the age of 21 can buy tobacco. ♪ we begin with breaking news concerning jpmorgan chase. we're waiting for the details of
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what is expected to be a 13 billion dollars agreement with the government over the bank's rollout over the housing meltdown. patricia sabga joins us now. >> a lot of people wondering and waiting over what is going to happen to jpmorgan. mor than half of jpmorgan's total profits last year, and would be the largest agreement the u.s. government has reached with a single company. jpmorgan would pay a 2 billion dollars fine to settle the investigation that it mislead investors, and 7 billion dollars is compensation to investors. 4 billion dollars is reported earmarked for consumer relief. that including reducing mortgage payments and issuing but loans to borrower with low to moderate incomes. some of the money may also be
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used to combat blight in areas ravaged over behousing crisis. >> i don't think that fines resinate with individual people kind of main stream consumers. i have heard over and over the refrain of i want to see somebody in handcuffs. so i think from a retribution sense i don't think people will be happy until they see that. >> this may close the door on jpmorgan's mortgage headaches, but its legal battles are far from over, including the acquisition that it rigged the libor rate. i keep hearing over and over again. main street wants to know, you rob a 7-eleven of a pack of
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cigarettes, somebody goes to jail, and then we here 7 billion dollars going to wall street, 4 billion dollars to main street. people are going to say this isn't fair. >> there is that sense of justice that needs to be satisfied, and when you talk about people want to see somebody led away in handcuffs, that is holding executives accountable, and that is very difficult to prove. diplomats are going to resume talks over iran's nuclear program tomorrow in geneva. mike viqueira is in washington and mike before we go to iran, i want you to take a look at the latest polls. the president's approval rating is now 42%. the disapproval rating is 55%. that is his worst number ever.
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his favorable only at 46%. so when the president speaks with numbers like this, do members of the senate listen? >> i think you can connect the dots to a certain extent, dell, although this involving the middle east, the volatile region, and some long-held beliefs about what the united states should do and its stance towards iran. there is a correlation, but you can't draw a direct cause and effect. certainly the president's sinking approval rating, he is at george w. bush levels at this point in his presidency. but what was different about this meeting today it was democrats and republicans who were serious about foreign policy, members of the armed services committee, and foreign relations committee, were here
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to talk to the president because many thing the delegation is being too soft. they are about to be had. they point to north korea who for years has been yanking the chain of the united states. basically what you have is members of the senate, they want to impose even tougher sanctions on iran. they say we want a very slight easing of the sanctions while iran curtail its nuclear program. the ranking member on the senate foreign relations committee came out in the driveway after a long meeting with president obama, and here is what he had to say. >> i think he had some folks in the room that were satisfied,
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and some folks in the room that were very unsatisfied, and then he had some folks who were listening to what has been said and trying to figure out the best way to move ahead. congress has played a huge role in causing us to where we are today. and people are concerned that we're giving up some leverage. >> now dell it's not only members of congress, key allies as well, we have heard benjamin netenyahu over the course of the last several weeks with very harsh criticism with the united states. saudi arabia is displeased as well. one bottom line the white house would like us to keep in mind that the president has vowed time and time again that iran will not have a military weapon. mike viqueira joining us live from the white house.
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thank you very much. kathleen sebelius is also hitting the road promoting the affordable care act. the trip coming as the president's signature achievement is under fire from both foe and friend. and julia a report out today suggests that the obama administration was told there were problems with the website as far back as march. so this is part of damage control on the part of the white house? >> well, the original trip perhaps not damage control, but letting the public know that is up and running, and that hundreds of thousands of people are getting healthcare coverage. however, due to the new report out, saying the white house had been warned that there could be technical issues if the rollout
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took place on october 1st, so the administration is admitting that, yes, because of that report by mackenzie and company, a management analysis of the system that they were aware of that information, however, they are insists at this point we're only seven weeks into what they say is a four-quarter rollout of this program. so they are saying, yes, we will have glitches and there are going to be obvious problems as the system is completely up and running. however, they say they were aware of that report and here is what kathleen sebelius had to say about that. >> action plans were put in place to address those issues and problems. clearly all of them, and particularly the timing for end to end testing was not sufficient. we have said that over and over again. a number of things that they identified in the march report as vulnerabilities clearly have
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worked extremely well like the hub. we did exactly what should have been in the middle of a build. and a management assessment of progress in place i think is an appropriate and prudent step to take. >> reporter: and from here in orlando, secretary sebelius travels to miami to continue her assessment that and the affordable care act is up and running. >> julia thank you very much. people in the midwest are recovering, rebuilding their lives after the deadly string of tornados that tore through the nation's heartland. eight people were killed and dozens more injured. almost 8,000 people remain without power at this hour, and in one of the hardest hit counties, washington, illinois,
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more than 1 thousand homes were damaged or destroyed. andy roesgen is there. what is the latest coming out of washington, illinois. >> reporter: well, this is a very tightly managed crisis response. authorities are allowing residents to come in for just five hours, getting their personal property, allowing them to put down tarp and then get out. >> the goal today is to get residents back in. i have been fighting for them, and believe me -- i -- i can't put myself in their place because my home is standing, but i would wanted to get back in and grab something, a wedding album, photo album, baby records, insurance policies whatever it is. we have got to get them back in
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there. >> as you can see behind me, these folks are picking through the debris of what is left of their homes. there is a facebook page that has been developed to reunite folks with personal property or paperwork that might have gotten scattered. but what is left is not much for a lot of these folks. a lot of photographs popping up on the facebook page. for a lot of these people that's all they have got, dell. >> andy what about the curfew, is that still in effect tonight? >> it is. it runs from 6:00 pm at night until 7:00 am in the morning. some disaster relief trucks have showed up in a parking lot, and the illinois insurance department has set up another spot in another parking lot, and
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helping people sort through their claims. >> andy thank you very much. now to the fi filt -- philippines. the death toll now close to 4,000 and that number again expected to rise, more than 18,000 were injured in the storm, that number is up more than 14,000 from last week. 4 million have also been displaced as a result of the storm. the world food program say there is a shortage of electricity and newel. some are fleeing to a new province. many saying they are worried about what they are going to do for a living. forensic experts examined more than 175 bodies they say before those bodies were buried in mass graves. they are having a tough time identifying many victims. haiyan first made landfall in a
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coastal town where the philippines meets the pacific ocean. and aid is finally coming to this town. >> reporter: this is downtown, and we're at the municipal building, which as you can see was absolutely torn to shreds by the winds of typhoon haiyan. they are setting up a temporary medical clinic that was flown in on those two blackhawks. they have distributing antibiotic, and tech us in vaccines. they are expecting to see hundreds of patients here today. the question is are they going to have enough supplies to care for the number of people who are injured here? now that the roads are open, it will be easier to set up a steady flow, but for today the
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urgent need was to get those vaccines out here as quickly as possible, and see what else they need. >> 23 people confirmed dead in suicide attacks outside of the iranian embassy in beirut. today's blast appears to be spillover from syria's civil war. >> reporter: lebanon is now part of the syrian war, and that's why many lebanese are worried that the security situation could desere rate even further. we have seen bombings, kidnappings, we have seen communities take up arms against each other. a lot of fear that the situation is only going to deteriorate, especially if the war in syria continues. and now we know the syrian regime is on the offensive on a number of fronts, and if they manage to push rebels out of the
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region close to the lebanese border, there are a lot of observers who fear that where are the fighters going to go? most likely into lebanon creating more instability in this country. up next, new york city looking to low er cigarette deaths raising the age of those who can light up. >> we've heard you talk about the history of suicide in your family. >> there's no status quo, just the bottom line. >> but, what about buying shares in a professional athlete? power of the people until we restore
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debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get...
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the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5pm et / 2pm pt only on al jazeera america >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> here are the headlines at this hour. >> only on al jazeera america. it was 150 years ago today participate lincoln delivering his now famous gettiesberg address. it was meant to heal the wounds that divided the nation, and some say those wounds still exist today. general robert e lee still stands tall in richmond. as commander of the rebel army. lee was declared a trade for and tripped of his u.s. citizenship
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for the rest of his life. the con federal battle flags that still wave across the south, more reminders that this region has not wiped away the spirit of the time. >> you still feel the rebel pride in the crowd. yeah, that's still there. there is still a lot of that southern pride in a lot of people in the south. >> reporter: at gettiesberg battlefield, president lincoln claimed that would bring forward a new peace in america. this is the final resting place for most of the 12,000 confederate soldiers who died in that battle. nearby at the american civil a war center, visitors are presented with three alternate perspectives of what caused the war, the north's determination
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to preserve the union, african american's desire for freedom, and the south's desire to save their plantation slave-based economy. the south still has its diehards who insist that ending slavery was not the real cause of the war. it's an imperial power that will go around the world to have its ideas enforced at the point of a bloody bayonet. that's what they did to the south. >> reporter: but seven generations later, its people are resolved never to allow its repeat. george zimmerman the man who fatally shot trayvon martin was back in court today. he was there for allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend. according to prosecutors zimmerman's girlfriend also claimed he tried to choke her
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about a week earlier. the judge setting zimmerman's bond at 9 thousand dollars. michael bloomberg plans to sign legislation banning the sale of tobacco to anyone under the age of 21. natasha ghoneim is outside city hall. what is the mayor hoping to achieve with this new piece of legislation? >> well, dell, let me give you a few statistics that he and the health commissioner shared with us today. 80% of all smokers in new york begin smoking before the age of 21, and on top of that -- excuse me -- smoking is the number one preventable death in the city. so that gives you an idea of why the mayor was keen on passing this into law. he considers himself a pioneer
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when it comes to enacting public health policy. there is a lot of discussion about his legacy and the hope that other jurisdictions will follow suit. dubai has already enacted a similar, and d.c. is consider ing enacting a similar one. >> natasha i had the same problem earlier today. it is algae season in new york. but are there limitations to this bill? >> it is also really cold. [ laughter ] >> reporter: we spent some time at a store that sells tobacco, and one of the gentlemen said this is going to burn us. he said believe it or not, young people represent a big chunk of the business that they get. he told me because they don't have families they have enough
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disposable income to spending money on these products. >> natasha thank you. by the way, usually seen in miami. a lot warmer down there. still ahead a voice for veterans. a radio station that lets the veterans tell their own stories.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. here are today's top star stories. jpmorgan chase expected to settle a 13 billion dollars agreement. details to be announced by the u.s. department of justice any time now. talks to end the long standover over iran's nuclear program expected to continue tomorrow in geneva. new york city set to sign
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landmark legislation today. michael bloomberg, raising the legal purchase raise of tobacco to 21. chances are if you have ever been to ann arbor, michigan, you have heard them. if not, you are in for a real treat. is the first in a special series of reports we're calling veteran's stories. >> reporter: first light in ann arbor, michigan, and these two celebrate a decade of veteran's radio with their team at a local restaurant. [ laughter ] >> a few laughs and a hearty breakfast before going live at 9:00 am from tiny studios. >> this is veteran's radio 10th anniversary program. >> reporter: the first guess ten years ago is back on the air again. john dingle from washington, d.c. >> congressman dingle welcome to veteran's radio. >> good morning, my friends, and
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congratulations to you. >> dale and bob were fed up with their jobs in the insurance city when dale floated the idea to his colleague. >> i'm thinking about putting together a program about veterans, and he reached across the table and said i'm with you. i didn't know he was a veteran. >> reporter: it is mainly about storytelling. >> so often we hear anything. and they open up, because it's veterans talking with veterans. >> reporter: the web gives dale and bob a global reach beyond the station they are on. >> we see the providence of god in this whole thing. >> our audience just keeps growing. >> reporter: the radio host
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who's daily program is heard on more than 200 stations worldwide is also their boss. >> there are relatively few people who can do it week after week after week, and that's what his guys have done. >> reporter: they have big plans for the next ten years, but -- >> until then you are dismissed. >> reporter: yes, sir. john terrett, al jazeera, ann arbor, michigan. ♪ and i'm meteorologist dave warren. we are looking at some very cold air that will impact the country, but it will take a while. areas that were hit hard with severe weather now dealing with a very brief shot of some cold air. pushing east, not much on the radar, plus the satellite.
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there is the cool-down there. but look at the warm air returning already from texas up through oklahoma and kansas. not talking really about the storm in the northwest, but really it's snow falling down. just some light snow expected in the pacific northwest. not much across much of the country. the storm has moved out, but brought in cold air behind it. just wait, though, until this weekend. in the meantime inches of snow will fall in the higher elevations, not a lot, but could be a nuisance in some of the passes there. not really happening yet, but that will change. we'll see rain in washington, oregon, california, and nevada, and then the rain and snow will fall in the hire elevations. this is friday these warming temperatures come back and you'll see a nice start to the weekend. but as long as it takes to warm up, a quick shot of cold air is
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in the forecast saturday and sunday. this front will move south, you see this arctic blast coming down all the way to the mid-atlantic by saturday and sunday, so if you make up and it is warm this weekend, that won't last. we'll talk about the bitter cold that is here by saturday and sunday. dell? >> dave warren thank you very much. we want to tell you about a big milestone for one of the world's most famous time travelers. it is dr. who's 50th birthday. many of the actors who played the doctor were on hand. and so was the machine and his arch enemy. wall street playing cat and mouse again with 16,000. the dow in the negative territory right now. so it looks like 16,000 will not
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happen today. thanks for watching al jazeera america. "earth rise" is next. featuring greening the desert. ♪ i'm amanda purr row. >> i'm in the jordan valley looking at how simple principles are bringing the desert to life. >> i'm in new york, where

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